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English Module

Dipl.-Ing. (Mr) Lawrie Kerr
Do, 11:00–18:30 Uhr

The ability to present and communicate confidently and effectively through English is a key skill needed for both student and professional life. This module will give the opportunity to learn, practice and improve this skill within a supportive seminar environment where constructive feedback will form an important element to the training. Students will be expected to actively participate in a variety of speaking exercises, role-plays, group, pair and individual work as they move towards the goal of preparing and giving a presentation on a topic of their choice.

In addition to active speaking where the focus will be on fluency and confident delivery, students will also have the opportunity to develop their language accuracy with specific grammar exercises and support with individual problems/mistakes. Relevant English language written material will be used to explore writing styles and to build vocabulary. Students will also be shown how best to apply for a job in English including a BE Curriculum Vitae and an AE Resume together with a “Personal Profile” (AE = “Motivation Letter”). Students will also prepare a presentation and both of these projects will form the basis of assessment for the course, together with the results of the periodic homeworks.

During the first month of the semester, the students should complete two written homeworks. One (H1) is a general multiple-choice test of English vocabulary and grammar, and the other (H2) is a translation (German to English) exercise. Each of these assignments is worth 25% of the final term result. During the second month of the semester, students shall be given the first project (P1), which is to submit in English a realistic job application comprising an appropriate covering letter, their curriculum vitae, and a personal profile. This assignment shall be worth 25% of their final assessment.

Finally, and during the last month of the semester, students will be expected to prepare and submit a presentation (P2) in English on a subject of their choice. This is done without a partner and should take about 20 minutes. It will be submitted in writing and comprise the transcript, support material (e.g. PowerPoint or pictures), and the student`s notes. This work is also worth 25% of their grade.

This broad-based approach to assessing and grading the students` language competence reflects the (current) lack of presence training and examining.”
“Because of the restrictions imposed on us all to reduce viral contamination, most if not all of the module shall be online. Regular classes of 90 minutes each week are planned. The first one or two shall cover introductions and deal with any questions the students may have regarding the module, and the last one or two available dates shall be used for exams and assessments. Feedback is encouraged and the lecturer is available anytime by email. Projects may be submitted in draft form for comments before being finally sent in. Students are expected to attend all classes, but no record of attendance shall be kept.

One advantage of the Covid situation is that we may be, or have to be, more flexible in this time, and to be prepared to make changes at short notice to suit the situation. However, we want to cover three main areas during the semester. In the first month, we shall look at the language itself. How is it different to German? Are there cultural factors? Idioms and False Friends. Essential grammar and useful vocabulary. In the second month, we shall look carefully at preparing and submitting a successful job application in English. Moreover, towards the end of the semester, we shall practice our presentation skills, including body language and cross-cultural aspects. At the end of the module, the students have to demonstrate what they can, and the lecturer has to award them a grade.

11.00–12.30 am (M)
1.30–3-00 pm (DMX)
3.015–4.45 pm (KD)
5.00–6.30 pm (F)

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Englisch (1001) – 2 SWS, 3 CP

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7. April 2022, 11:00

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